Prevention is always better than Cure

Sport Injury is quite common because we are always under the impression that a dedicated stretching regimen can prevent most of the sports injuries. However, stretching exercises cannot completely rule out sport injuries, which is why it is important to know about important tips which can prevent a sport injury and help in better utilization of time.
Warm up helps you to prepare for any intense sports by doing similar activities less intensely. With the stimulation of the muscles and connective tissues, it increases your metabolic activity and provides several complex benefits as well. Lack of co-ordination can be quite dangerous and result in a sport injury. With diligent practice, one can definitely improve their coordination skills and prevent sport injury. Relaxation allows you to adapt to any sport with ease. There are many instances where a sport injury is caused due to an excessive effort.
With rhythmical movements you can help your tissues to gain mobility which also improves coordination and relaxation. Simple exercises before doing any intense physical activity will help in prevention of soreness and provide flexibility. It also ensures performance enhancement along with prevention of any sport injury

An overview of Overuse Injuries

Overuse Injury is one of the most common sport injury which is caused by repetitive action. There are four distinct stages of an Overuse Injury which includes Discomfort which may disappear during warm-up, discomfort that may disappear during warm-up however reappear at the end of activity, Discomfort which gets worse during the activity and continuous pain. The main problem with an overuse injury is that such type of sport injury is usually associated with minor pain because of which players tend to tolerate the pain and cause repetitive strain thereby preventing recovery.
Players tend to ignore such type of sport injury until the pain begins to worsen by which time the sport injury transform into a critical injury which may require longer period of recovery. Signs of Overuse Injuries include inflammation along with swelling, redness, warmth to the touch and impaired function of the part.
There can be several reasons behind this type of sport injury. However the most common reasons behind overuse injuries include Training errors, Lack of endurance, Poor core stability, Faulty technique, Incorrect equipment, Inflexibility, muscle imbalance etc. Some of the common overuse injuries are Fibromyalgia, Calf Muscle Injury, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Golfers Elbow, Tennis Elbow, Shin Splints and many more.

- Interesting Facts to Know

In recent times, there has been a sudden upsurge in the number of clinics for Physiotherapy Smithfield. Physiotherapists strive to make life easy with their unique approach to deal with chronic pain and agony caused by injuries. Physiotherapy Smithfield techniques have got an answer to almost every type of physical pain.
Some of the basic services provided by Physiotherapy Smithfield involve surgery, rehabilitation services, postural correction and treatment for sports injuries. For sports related injuries, Physiotherapy Smithfield specializes in diagnosis, prevention and management of stretching and strengthening exercises.
Physiotherapy Smithfield offers services for treatment of neck and back pain along with musculoskeletal problems and others. Changing lifestyle and lazy working habit makes our body prone to injuries and infections. Physiotherapy clinics will offer a comprehensive assessment of the injury and advise on the physiotherapy treatment required to heal the pain. Physiotherapy Smithfield aims to encourages healing of soft tissues, restore normal range of motion and reduces recurrence.

Important Benefits

Massage Therapy Sydney manipulates soft tissues to decrease muscle tension, pain and stress. Massage therapy Sydney definitely makes you feel relaxed thereby helping you to perform better. Myriad Massage Therapy techniques are practiced from generations to reduce stress and tension.
Therapeutic benefits of MassageTherapy Sydney include improved circulation, reduced blood pressure, enhanced immune system, pain relief and reduced muscle tension. Depending on the technique used for Massage Therapy Sydney, one can also stimulate the nervous system to promote its functioning, allow better range of motion, strengthen connective tissue and muscles.
Massage therapy Sydney has also proved to improve mental alertness and self-awareness. Repetitive accumulation of muscle tension and stress can lead to serious problems. Massage Therapy Sydney releases stored tension and promotes joint flexibility. Efficient circulation promotes growth, natural healing and muscle recovery. By increasing the activity levels of T-cells, Massage Therapy Sydney boosts the immune system

– For a Healthy Back

Recovery from injuries caused to the lower back is encouraged with a strict exercise regimen along with general physical therapy. Back Pain Rehabilitation helps in avoiding future recurrences of back pain. The exercise regimen basically involves stretching, strengthening exercises and aerobic conditioning of the back.

Back Pain Rehabilitation involves basic exercises like Pectoralis stretch, Scapular squeezes, Thoracic extension, Mid-trap exercise, Rowing exercise, Arm slides on wall and many more. Back Pain rehabilitation needs to deal with the stiffness associated with the injured back. Simple stretching exercises will help in mobilizing the spine and soft tissues. Back strengthening exercises includes two important forms of physical therapy viz. McKenzie exercise and Lumbar stabilization exercise.

With strengthening exercises performed as part of back pain rehabilitation, there is significant relief from pain guaranteed. Aerobic conditioning exercise helps in both rehabilitation and maintenance of the lower back. Depending on the nature and severity of injury, appropriate exercises are chosen as part of Back Pain Rehabilitation

Importance of Sports

Physiotherapy Fairfield saves you from the pain and agony caused by changes in the lifestyle and working standards. There can be several reasons like aging, diseases, sport injuries, work related injuries and sports which can make life difficult. However with Sports Physiotherapy Fairfield one can have an easy recovery.

Physiotherapy Fairfield helps in enhancing the capabilities of an athlete to withstand anxiety and pressure. As part of this treatment, all important muscles, joints and ligaments are strengthened and fortified. Ligaments, bones, muscles, joints etc. are made stronger so that they can be stress free for long.
The ability to adapt to alien conditions is known as adaptability which is extremely vital for any form of sport. Sports Physiotherapy Fairfield improves the adaptability of the athlete so that they can perform better. Sports Physiotherapy Fairfield aims to accomplish the complete physical capacities of a sportsperson

- Quick First Aid Treatment Tips

Sport Injury can happen in spite of all preventive measures in place. The primary goal of first aid treatment is to prevent further injuries or damage due to a sport injury. Sport injurythat requires immediate treatment is categorized as acute injuries. These injuries are often accompanied with fractures, pain, swelling, cuts, sprains or concussions. Listed below are some of the quick first aid treatment tips which can reduce pain and help you heal quickly.

  •  Use of Ice: Swelling is almost the first thing that happens after any sport injury. For most acute soft tissue injuries, the goal is to prevent and reduce swelling. Applying ice to the injury will reduce swelling immediately. Also elevating the injured area will prevent swelling.
  •  Stop exercising: In order to prevent further damage or injury, one should stop activity and start treatment.
  •  Focus on rebuilding strength: For attaining joint stability, injury rehabilitation programs proves extremely beneficial. Once the sport injury has healed, one can begin strengthening exercises.
  •  Once the injuries begin to heal, one can start with gentle stretching and light exercises to reduce adhesions and improve muscle function.
  •  Last but not the least, adequate rest is extremely important so that the tissues can heal.

Common Workplace

Work Injury can range from stress disorders like carpel tunnel syndrome to serious injuries which can even be fatal. No matter how secure and safe the workplace is, it is a sad reality that work injury can never be completely ruled out from a workplace. Basically work injury can be broadly classified under two categories i.e. traumatic injuries and occupational injuries.
Traumatic Injuries usually happen due to a single event like motor vehicle accidents or broken bones due to a fall. Most of the work injury under this category involves damage to the neck, spinal cord, bones and back. Fall from a scaffold at the construction site or factories can cause loss of a limb, soft tissues injuries, back injuries etc.

Occupational injuries includes work injury caused by repetitive movements. This is usually a manifestation of a worker’s duties over a long period of time. Lets know more about the most common workplace injuries.

  •  Slip and fall accidents which are mostly associated with construction sites and involves bone fractures and head trauma.
  •  Heavy lifting, pulling or carrying can cause severe muscle sprains, back problems etc.
  •  Working with heavy machinery and vehicles can cause serious injuries in case of collisions or accidents.
  •  Electrical shocks
  •  Use of hazardous materials can cause work injury due to dangers from fire and explosions.

What are the most common Techniques?

Massage therapy has come a long way over the centuries and presented itself as a natural remedy for alleviating pain, providing stress relief and ensuring relaxation and general well being. Massage therapy is definitely considered as a powerful healer which helps in speedy recovery and long lasting results. Trained massage therapists will use an array of different techniques to assist your during massage therapy sessions, some of which are discussed below.

  •  Kneading can be accomplished with thumb and palm where the pressure is varied according to the purpose of the massage therapy. The rhythm and rate of kneading is adjusted accordingly.
  •  Longitudinal gliding in the direction of the blood flow is an important technique as part of massage therapy which aids in fluid dispersion from the injured area and reduces swelling and inflammation.
  •  Trigger Point technique involves application of pressure to muscle tissues to relieve pain and dysfunction.
  •  Myofascial release helps in releasing fascia restriction and restores the tissue.
  •  Compression massage therapy ensures a softening effect in the tissues and mostly used for treating sports injuries.
  •  Transverse friction therapy is applied by the fingers across the direction of the tissue fibres to break down pain producing scar tissue.
  •  Swedish massage therapy involves use of long strokes, friction, tapping, kneading, effleurage and vibration.

– Important Benefits

Physiotherapy treatments can help in maximising the range of movement in bones, muscles and joints. In order to aid movement and function,physiotherapy south west Sydney employs heat, electrical simulation, massage therapy and water based applications. There are myriad benefits associated with Physiotherapy South West Sydney. Physiotherapy and exercise plays an important role in maintaining a strong and healthy body. Physiotherapy South West Sydney is also used after surgery for speedy recovery and improve mobility. Some of the common benefits provided by physiotherapy are listed below.

  •  Alleviating Pain: Use of physiotherapy techniques have proved beneficial in providing relief from chronic pain.
  •  Improved Muscle Flexibility: Physiotherapy South West Sydney has been used effectively for the treatment of sports injuries.
  •  Restoration of muscle strength: Physiotherapy techniques helps in strengthening muscles and restoration of strength.
  •  Improved posture: Post injuries, many use physiotherapy south west Sydney to regain the posture and gait.
  •  Increased range of motion: Physiotherapy definitely helps in increasing the range of motion which is otherwise inhibited after any injury.
  •  Higher endurance levels: With physiotherapy, athletes develop higher endurance levels which also ensures a speedy recovery in case of sports injuries.
  •  Last but not the least, Physiotherapy South West Sydney ensures a greater sense of well being.