What are the most common

Playing different sports definitely provides several benefits where one learns about team work while getting an excellent work out. However, there are also genuine risks and sport injury associated with playing sports. Knowing the common sports related injuries will definitely educate us on the important preventive measures. Lets know more about the possible sports injuries often seen in the life of athletes and sportsperson.

  •  Muscle Sprain: There is a slight difference between a strain and a sprain. A stretch or tear of a ligament is known as muscle sprain whereas a strain is usually a tear in the muscle or tendon. Sport injury which involves muscle sprain is usually treated using the following methods i.e. rest, ice, compression and elevation.
  •  Repetitive motion Injuries: With continuous repetitive motion, there are often risks of sport injury also known as overuse injuries. Hairline fractures and inflammation of the tendon are common sport injury caused due to overuse. Physical therapeutic measures are considered effective in treating sport injury caused by repetitive motion.
  •  Concussions: There has been a significant jump in the number of cases reported for concussions. Common symptoms for this type of sport injury includes Amnesia, headache, dizziness, fatigue, slurred speech etc. It is always recommended to play safely and use proper protective gear while playing sports.
  •  Sport injury can also involve bone injuries like growth plate injuries. This type of sport injury is most commonly seen with children who are still growing and one needs to consult an orthopaedic surgeon for treatment of such type of sport injury.
  •  Heat related injuries can be serious and hence needs to be treated properly. Sport injury involving heat related illness includes heat stroke, heat exhaustion and dehydration.

Most common causes behind any type of sport injury includes poor training, inappropriate equipment, lack of conditioning, improper warm-up and stretching, not using proper protective gear and accidents.

Top Ten Highly Effective Techniques

Massage therapy has always been the traditional method of dealing with pain and sore muscles. One of the most natural remedies, massage therapy definitely provides relief from stiff muscles and painful conditions. Over the centuries, massage therapyhas undergone a lot of metamorphosis. The advancements have only resulted in better techniques and guaranteed results which shows that massage therapy is indeed helpful. Lets know more about some of the most common techniques used during massage therapy.

  •  Swedish massage is definitely one of the most common techniques which uses kneading, soothing and tapping strokes to release muscle tension and loosen sore joints. The basic strokes used by the therapist during Swedish Massage therapy are effleurage, Petrissage, friction, tapotement, and vibration.
  •  Deep Tissue Massage therapy targets muscle groups with stored tension that lies far below the surface of your body. With slow strokes and direct pressure across the grain of the muscles, the therapist provides great relief.
  •  Sports Massage therapy is specifically for all sports related injuries. Warming up before an event and cooling down after an activity ensures that the body is always in good shape.
  •  Neuromuscular massage therapy increases blood circulation, reduces pain and releases tension from muscles and other soft tissue.
  •  Correct body posture is extremely important to avoid a number of health problems such as backaches, joint pain and headaches. With Rolfing, one can definitely improve their body posture.
  •  Massage therapy also focuses on returning your muscles and other tissue to proper positions after an injury.
  •  For skull and spinal column, massage therapists use gentle pressure to reduce tension and physical trauma.
  •  Physical fitness techniques and proper posture education helps in swift injury rehabilitation.

Massage therapy also helps in getting rid of emotional stress associated with an injury.

Pain on the Back burner

Just about any person would have experienced the debilitating lows of a back pain. For the average person, it might just be a temporary affliction. Yet, it shows how much you take your spine for granted. Getting up to answer the door becomes a pain – quite literally. So does the relatively mundane process of sitting down. Activities that you would normally do without a second thought suddenly require a lot of effort and care.

Back pain issues usually cover a variety of different conditions. Thus, a work injury or a sport injury in Fairfieldare not the only reasons behind that sharp pain in your spine. Back pains usually relate to issues with the bones, joints, muscles, connective tissues and the nerves of the back. Typically, back pain conditions affect the:

  •  Neck (Cervical spine)
  •  Upper Back (Thoracic spine)
  •  Lower Back (Lumbar spine)
  •  Sacrum and,
  •  Tailbone

The common back problems that people face include:

  •  Severe pain in the lower, middle and upper back regions – whether brought on by injuries or other health conditions
  •  Stiffness or pain in the neck, usually because of degeneration of the disc
  •  Lower back pain accompanied by sensations like a tingling or numbness in the legs
  •  Pain arising from excessive pressure on a segment of the spinal nerve
  •  Pain resulting from a degeneration of the spine through normal wear-and-tear
  •  Pain occurring because of a narrowing the canal of the spine through which the spinal cord passes

Although it might not seem like it at the time you experience it, back pain is a very common issue. Consider the following statistics listed on the website of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

  •  About 9.2 percent of Australians suffer from various back problems (this equates to 1.8 million Australians)
  •  Around 70 to 90 percent of people suffer from back pains at some point in their lives
  •  Younger and middle-aged adults usually experience back pain; however, even children from the ages of eight to ten can experience back pain
  •  Around 86 percent of people experience back pain at least once during the week, while the remaining experience persistent pain

In fact, back pains and other back problems have an effect on a person’s productivity too. The 2009 Survey of Disability, Ageing and Carers (SDAC) revealed that people of the ages from 15 to 64 with back problems were less likely to find full-time employment than those without back issues. Moreover, people with back problems were also 1.3 times more likely not to feature in the labour force at all. The survey showed that in 2009, 80 percent of people with back issues faced an employment restriction. Of these, 36 percent could not work at all.

Therefore, you can understand the gravity of having a back pain extends beyond just the pain. It could have a major impact on your life too. Physiotherapy helps in blending physiology with exercises. Thereafter, it uses these principles for healing the affected body part, in case of any injuries. When it comes to back pain rehabilitation, physiotherapy prescribes exercises and structures that support the spine and its joints. This is where you need the restorative intervention of physiotherapy in South West Sydney.

Smithfield Active Physiotherapy is a leading provider of physiotherapy in Fairfield. We also provide services like exercise physiology and massage therapy in Smithfield. Our team of experienced professionals help you obtain relief from back pains and other problems. We rely on the latest evidence-based practice and proven treatments recommended. We also use the most modern technological equipment to produce faster results.

Initially, we conduct a thorough assessment of all patients to identify their injuries and other concerns. Then, we educate them about the best individualised treatment that we can offer. Our treatment comprises rehabilitation and exercise that helps the patient achieve normal functioning. Additionally, an exercise physiologist provides all our patients with a detailed and personalised exercise plan. This enhances the healing process. It also ensures against a relapse of the same concern. Therefore, if you’re suffering from back pain – or know someone who is – make a booking with us. Call us at 02 9604 5727 and make your aches and pains, a thing of the past.


How to avoid Workplace Injuries?

Work injury is very common in the manufacturing industry where safety precautions are extremely important. Working in cubicles doesn’t guarantee immunity from work injury because back injuries are very common in office cubicles. The best way to avoid work injury is by taking certain precautions.

Simple workplace exercises can help in avoiding common work injury problems like back pain. Stretch your head, fingers and elbow to relax the muscles and reduce any stored tension between the muscles. It is also recommended to walk as much as possible during work so as to improve blood circulation which also improves immunity and reduces stress levels. Injuries to the back is very common during improper lifting in the workplace. In order to reduce chances of work injury, one needs to have correct posture and use proper equipment.

Another common work injury which numerous employees suffer is from falling off a raised platform. Most commonly seen in case of construction industry, work injury from falling can be easily avoided by using proper protective gear and by ensuring that the workplace is well secured. In case of manufacturing industry one needs to be careful from machine related injuries. Proper training and adequate safety precautions can ensure safety from different types of work injury.
Repetitive motions without short breaks can cause extreme wear and tear on the joints and cause common work injury like back pain. A short break in between the repetition can definitely prevent back pain. A structurally sound chair is also important in an office cubicle to avoid problems with circulation and injuries to the neck or lower back. The major causes for work injury include poor lifting techniques, improper posture, repetitive motions and prolonged positions. For any pain caused by work injury, it is always recommended to consult your therapist for proper treatment.

Step by Step Process

Sports Injury is almost inevitable even after ensuring safety precautionary measures and proper protective equipment. The recovery time for sports injury may vary depending on the rehabilitation process. The rehabilitation process for any kind of sports injury follows the following sequence of steps to ensure complete recovery.

The healing process for sports injury can take time and it is best advised to allow healing until the injury recovers. This process may also involve following proper exercise and diet regimen.

  •  Restore movement of the injured part: One shouldn’t play if there is limited motion in a joint due to sports related injuries as that would simply aggravate the situation. Exercises as recommended by the therapist will expedite the recovery and rehabilitation process.
  •  Many athletes lose their normal gait after a leg injury. In case of limping, the athlete shouldn’t play until the normal gait is regained.
  •  Muscle strength: Sports Injury may result in weak muscles which needs to be strengthened with dedicated rehabilitation process. Simple exercises and weight training can help in regaining muscle strength.
  •  Regaining Endurance: Mostly athletes regain their endurance pretty quickly, however activities like running, swimming and rowing are good enough to regain endurance and recover from sports injury.
  •  A dedicated training plan should be in place in order to regain sporting skills after any sports injury.
  •  Once an athlete is out of sports for a long time, there is a definite fall in the confidence level. Sports injury definitely involves physical injury but it also involves psychological loss which can cause a degradation in performance. In order to guarantee best results, one needs to ensure that the athlete regains his confidence before playing once again.

No athlete likes to be out of sporting action for long however once they suffer from sports injury, there are chances that the athletes don’t follow all the steps as required for complete rehabilitation. Ignoring any of the steps may cause re-injury or a longer path to recovery.

Different Types of Treatments

Depending on the particular muscular condition, there can be different types of physiotherapy south west Sydney treatments. Physiotherapy treatments are mostly specific to the person receiving the treatment and may not be generalized for everyone. In short the Physiotherapy south west Sydney treatments are customized to suit a patient’s condition. There are myriad types of physiotherapy treatments which can alleviate pain and provide relief from painful conditions. Lets know more about some of the most common types of physiotherapy south west Sydney treatments. Read more »

How Players and Athletes Benefit

Dozens of athletes and sportspersons push their minds and bodies to its utmost limit in the quest for sporting glory. An Olympic medal or any other sporting triumph does not come on a platter. It involves hours and hours of painstaking effort. It also requires the fitness and stamina to battle on, even in the face of utter weariness. Above all though, it needs a tremendous amount of will power to achieve the nigh impossible. Spectators watching from afar can only marvel at the physique of the athletes. These spectators often do not realise the effort put in by the athletes to keep themselves injury free and fit.

The average person’s usually does not endure the stress that an athlete’s body faces. Most people do a desk job. Therefore, other than working late hours or a little running around during an important conference, their bodies do not face much physical stress. Thus, a work injury will usually not be very serious, unless there was an accident or a fall. For athletes and professionals in the world of sport however, it is not so easy. By constantly striving to better their goals and previous marks, they push their bodies extremely hard. Occasionally, their bodies succumb to this rigorous stress. In such cases, they will sustain a sports injury.

When the average person suffers from a work injury, they will need to rest as much as possible. This helps the affected part to recover faster. For sportspersons and athletes, adequate levels of rest will also yield the same result. However, athletes also need to remain fit. Therefore, they need to remain active or to have a shorter rehabilitation period. One of the ways that many athletes achieve this is by taking sessions of massage therapy.

The practice of receiving a massage has become an essential part of any sportsperson’s life. Athletes receive massages while training. This helps them train more effectively. It also helps improve their performance levels. In case they suffer an injury, massages help in providing a faster recovery. Massage therapists provide athletes with a massage that has several therapeutic benefits.

A typical sports massage could help in providing relief from various aches and pains within the soft tissues inside the body. It could also help in reducing the stiffness in the muscles. Moreover, massages also play an important role in reducing blood pressure the heart rate and cortisol levels. During the massage, the therapist applies constant mechanical pressure on the soft tissues inside the body. The smooth, flowing motion of the therapist’s hands help the muscles and joints relax. This relaxation of the muscles and joints effectively leads to an increased range of motion. Apart from the physical benefits, massages also help athletes by reducing their stress and anxiety levels. This makes them feel better mentally as they find it easier to relax.

A large number of centres provide athletes with access to massage and physiotherapy services. It shows the increasing popularity of physiotherapy in current times. However, you must not merely walk into the first physiotherapy centre you visit. You must ensure that the physiotherapy centre you visit has professionally qualified and certified staff. If anything goes awry, you could well be facing the consequences. Therefore, when you need superior physiotherapy services in South-western Sydney, visit Smithfield Active Physio.

Smithfield Active Physiotherapy is a leading provider of physiotherapy, exercise physiology and massage therapy. Our team comprises experienced professionals, which helps in bringing down healing times for our patients. We use the latest evidence-based treatments for back pain rehabilitation. Moreover, we also utilise the latest in technological equipment to help our patients recover as quickly as possible.

When any athlete visits us with a sports-related injury, we identify the injury first through a comprehensive initial assessment. Having ascertain the extent of injury, we then focus on providing superlative customised treatment to each patient. This normally results in a speedy recovery. The time spent resting also helps fend off the possibility of a relapse.

Athletes need to remain fit. A sports-related injury could be a career-defining moment for them. It could be a massive setback, especially given their drive and resilience. Therefore, by the time they complete theirphysiotherapy treatment in Smithfield, they could be far from fit. To counter this, we help athletes and sportspersons follow detailed exercise programs in a phased manner. Attempting to achieve too much too soon could lead to a relapse of the injury. Therefore, in consultation with our exercise physiologist, we prescribe a phased timeline for returning to training. This combination of rehabilitation and exercise helps athletes and sportspersons to improve their general condition. It also fosters in a faster recovery from a painful injury.

Therefore, if you’ve suffered a work or a sports injury and need a physiotherapist in Sydney, call us at 02 9604 5727. Whether you need massage therapy, exercise physiology or physiotherapy, we handle it all. Our team of professionals will help you become as active as you were before sustaining the injury.

Common questions answered

Physiotherapyas a line of treatment has been available since many decades; however, not many people are still educated about what it treats, how it works, what it involves, and how does it benefit. Here are answers to some of the common questions that you may have about physiotherapy:
What is physiotherapy?
Physiotherapy is a therapeutic health profession concerned with treatment of the movement and musculoskeletal systems of the body. Physiotherapists are university trained professionals, who are experts in sport injury treatment, work injury treatment, back pain rehabilitation, exercise prescription, injury prevention, pain management, and other areas of health and fitness.
Physiotherapy centres in Fairfield, Smithfield, and other places in Australia use all or some of the following techniques in administering physiotherapy:
• Massage therapy
• Exercise programs
• Mobilization
• Stretches
• Manipulation
• Electrotherapy
• Clinical Pilates
• Dry needling
• Heat or ice therapy
• Advice and consultation
• Others
Do I need a referral from a doctor to see a physiotherapist?
In Australia, you do not require a physician’s referral to visit and consult physiotherapy centres in Fairfield, Smithfield, or any other places. Physiotherapist, or exercise physiologist is a primary care clinician, who is skilled and trained in management of musculoskeletal and other movement related problems.
However, your physiotherapist may ask you about your doctor so as to inform him about the progress and condition, or seek information pertaining to your condition.
When should I see a physiotherapist?
There are several conditions that a physiotherapist can treat effectively. You can consult a physiotherapy centre in Smithfield, or Fairfield for any of the following reasons,
• You have suffered a sport injury or work injury
• If you have persistent stiffness or pain in joints
• For back pain rehabilitation
• If any of your body parts is swollen, or bruised
• If you have problems with posture
• If you experience numbness or collapse of limbs
• If you want to prevent injuries
• If you need to improve strength, flexibility, fitness or flexibility
• If you want to build up your sports performance
• Any other chronic illness that is causing problems with movement or posture
• Several other conditions (refer to our post on When do you need physiotherapy)

How can I benefit from Physiotherapy?
Physiotherapy hastens the natural healing process, and ensures that you get back to regular work soon after you have suffered a work injury or sport injury. It also reduces the chances of recurrence of condition by treating the core factors that had led to the development of problem. They also offer tailored rehabilitation and exercise programs that help restore normal movements and postures. Now that you have answers to most common questions concerning physiotherapy, you can now consult a physiotherapist if you suffer from any of the aforementioned conditions.

When do you need

Physiotherapy or physical therapy is a branch of rehabilitative medicine that helps patients maintain, recover, or improve their physical abilities. Physiotherapists use massage therapy, exercise programs, and other techniques to cure patients suffering from sports injury, work injury, accident related injuries, post operative conditions, lifestyle related problems such as back pain, chronic conditions such as arthritis, and several other conditions.
Many people who suffer from these conditions do not consider consulting a physiotherapist unless they are referred to one by a doctor. So, here is a list of some common problems that can be effectively treated by physiotherapy. If you suffer from any of these conditions, you should know that a physiotherapist is probably the best person to help you:
Sports injury: Physiotherapy can effectively cure sport injury such as sprains of tendons and ligaments, fractures, strains of muscular tissue, and running injuries. Physiotherapy can help prevent injuries, and enable the sportsperson to return to play as soon as possible. Therapy also reduces the risk of relapse.
Work injury: Physiotherapists use several techniques such as strapping care to prevent muscle injuries and joint instability in people who are exposed to abnormal physical stress with work related activities. It can also help patients of work injury to get back to work quickly.
Chronic pain: If you have been suffering pain in a particular joint or muscle for more than a few days, and it is affecting your ability to perform daily activities then you certainly need a physiotherapist for backpain rehabilitation or other treatments.
Post-surgical rehabilitation: Physiotherapists offer pre and post operative rehabilitation and exercise for surgeries of joints. Post surgical rehabilitation is offered to people who have undergone joint replacement, back surgery including discectomy and laminectomy, fractures, and joint dislocations.

Chronic conditions: If you suffer from chronic conditions such as low back pain, arthritis, ongoing deficits from stroke or CVA, repetitive strain injuries, neurological degeneration, and others can seek a physiotherapists help.
Accident related injuries: If you have been injured in a car or motor vehicle accident, and continue to experience pain, immobility, or other problems then a physiotherapist can help you rehabilitate and get back to normal life.
Other conditions: Using massage therapy and exercise programs, physiotherapists can prevent and treat many other conditions such as cystic fibrosis, pneumonia, emphysema, and some cardiovascular conditions.
If you suffer from any of these problems, and you need Physiotherapy services in Fairfield, you can consult the experts at Smithfield Active Physiotherapy, and get effective treatment for your condition.

Smithfield Active

Physical fitness is not all about your body shape. Perfect body condition to function efficiently and effectively in daily work and leisure activities, prevent hypo-kinetic diseases, and act to any emergency situations is what physical fitness is all about. You might think of many substitute terms for physical fitness; Strength, Cardiovascular Fitness, Flexibility, Body Composition, Muscular Endurance, Balance, Agility, Power, Speed. Well, all of these in general constitute a physically fit body. Did you notice which one would be most required for any individual for being active? You may answer, almost all. In order to keep all your responsibilities to yourself, your family and your community, your body needs to be physically active round the clock. Here comes the importance of exercise physiologist and physiotherapy to keep you active, alive and away from hospital.
You might always have a thought in mind to involve in light exercises; however, you will not always make available for it. We live in a world that demands no physical activities of your body as we have hired machines to do our job. Our brains overwork and body gets weaker. So, it has become a strong necessity for everybody to search for another means to stay physically fit. You would be suffering from a back pain even while reading this. We offer a great deal of our time to back pain rehabilitation and massage therapy centers.
Studies reveal that 75% of today’s population suffers from body pain especially from pain in joints. An unhealthy population is the result of an unhealthy lifestyle. Physiotherapy has grown and became a part of science from its early era of being unrecognized as a science. Physiotherapy is now being used in many aspects of treatments including drug treatment and even in surgical procedures. The wide scope of physiotherapy and massage therapy features many services to mankind to stay physically fit and active all the time. Visit your physiotherapy specialist in Smithfield today and make it worthwhile.
We take extra care for accidental injuries like work injury and sport injury. We help you regain the body movement as immediate as possible after any injuries like it never happened. We showcase our entire bodily care and focus after any injuries. Why wait? Consider visiting our physiotherapist specialist today and start the back pain rehabilitation as early as possible if you are still experiencing it. The treatment and exercise would be based on individual needs. Our treatment could involve:
• Motion exercises, Muscle-strengthening exercises, Conditioning exercises
• Massage therapy
• Manipulation
• Exercise Rehabilitation Program
Physiotherapy Fairfield offers you a wide range of our physiotherapy techniques that helps you regain your body movement, stay alert to emergency situations and redefine all your bodily functions. Our treatments aim to maximize your ability to move and function physically. It is time for you to pay us a visit for a healing process after injury, illness or surgery, or to increase your flexibility. Our rehabilitation and exercise programs assure you great deal of physical strength and improved mental abilities.