Tips for a healthy back


Recovery from injuries caused to the lower back can be bettered with a strict exercise regimen along with general physical therapy.

Back Pain Rehabilitation helps in avoiding future recurrences of back pain. The exercise regimen basically involves stretching, strengthening exercises and aerobic conditioning of the back.

Back Pain Rehabilitation involves basic exercises like Pectoralis stretch, Scapular squeezes, Thoracic extension, Mid-trap exercise, Rowing exercise, Arm slides on wall and many more.

Back Pain rehabilitation needs to deal with the stiffness associated with the injured back. Simple stretching exercises will help in mobilizing the spine and soft tissues. Back strengthening exercises includes two important forms of physical therapy viz. McKenzie exercise and Lumbar stabilization exercise.

With strengthening exercises performed as part of back pain rehabilitation, there is significant relief from pain guaranteed. Aerobic conditioning exercise helps in both rehabilitation and maintenance of the lower back. Depending on the nature and severity of injury, appropriate exercises are chosen as part of Back Pain Rehabilitation