Common Workplace

Work Injury can range from stress disorders like carpel tunnel syndrome to serious injuries which can even be fatal. No matter how secure and safe the workplace is, it is a sad reality that work injury can never be completely ruled out from a workplace. Basically work injury can be broadly classified under two categories i.e. traumatic injuries and occupational injuries.
Traumatic Injuries usually happen due to a single event like motor vehicle accidents or broken bones due to a fall. Most of the work injury under this category involves damage to the neck, spinal cord, bones and back. Fall from a scaffold at the construction site or factories can cause loss of a limb, soft tissues injuries, back injuries etc.

Occupational injuries includes work injury caused by repetitive movements. This is usually a manifestation of a worker’s duties over a long period of time. Lets know more about the most common workplace injuries.

  •  Slip and fall accidents which are mostly associated with construction sites and involves bone fractures and head trauma.
  •  Heavy lifting, pulling or carrying can cause severe muscle sprains, back problems etc.
  •  Working with heavy machinery and vehicles can cause serious injuries in case of collisions or accidents.
  •  Electrical shocks
  •  Use of hazardous materials can cause work injury due to dangers from fire and explosions.