What are the most common Techniques?

Massage therapy has come a long way over the centuries and presented itself as a natural remedy for alleviating pain, providing stress relief and ensuring relaxation and general well being. Massage therapy is definitely considered as a powerful healer which helps in speedy recovery and long lasting results. Trained massage therapists will use an array of different techniques to assist your during massage therapy sessions, some of which are discussed below.

  •  Kneading can be accomplished with thumb and palm where the pressure is varied according to the purpose of the massage therapy. The rhythm and rate of kneading is adjusted accordingly.
  •  Longitudinal gliding in the direction of the blood flow is an important technique as part of massage therapy which aids in fluid dispersion from the injured area and reduces swelling and inflammation.
  •  Trigger Point technique involves application of pressure to muscle tissues to relieve pain and dysfunction.
  •  Myofascial release helps in releasing fascia restriction and restores the tissue.
  •  Compression massage therapy ensures a softening effect in the tissues and mostly used for treating sports injuries.
  •  Transverse friction therapy is applied by the fingers across the direction of the tissue fibres to break down pain producing scar tissue.
  •  Swedish massage therapy involves use of long strokes, friction, tapping, kneading, effleurage and vibration.